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Last November a friend of mine asked me for must see movie suggestions. Being a numbers person I immediately created a small film database of 1550 films logging things such as the money they made, the awards they had won, and their critical reception. I tried to create an algorithm to find the 50 films from throughout film history that have earned the right to be considered must see cinema. Why 50? Because a movie a week seemed like a digestible amount for my list to be reasonably consumed within a year. I narrowed my list to around 75 films before I brought in Deepak and Ryley, two friends whose film knowledge and film breadth far surpasses my own, to poke and prod at my list until we had a list of 50 must see films. We tried to find films that would increase viewers appreciation of the art of film making as well as serve as a sort of catalog of film history.

In order for any film to qualify for our list it needed to be notable in at least 2 of 5 categories: Stellar Acting, High Grossing, Critical Acclaim, Most Awarded, or Cultural Impact. On each film’s page on this site you will find the following medallions indicating which categories the film qualified for our list.



In addition to our podcast conversations we are also working to curate additional resources about each film we watch. There will be a page for each of the qualifying categories of the films as well as other articles written by us or even by you. By no means do we expect our little site to become a one stop shop for information on our highlighted films, as such we also aim to provide links to other resources to fill in the gaps that we are unable to fill ourselves.

We want to be a resource for film enthusiasts and the cinema curious alike to learn more about great films and to converse about the Seventh Art. We invite you to poke around the site, listen to an episode or two, and find us on social media to discuss with us. Thank you for supporting us by visiting and we hope we have shifted your expectations for what a film website can offer.